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Certified Training One Day Course


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Tuesday 4th October

Certified Training One Day Course
10:00am-5:00pm – Certified Training One-Day Course
US$295 for One Day Certified Training Course
includes lunch and refreshments

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Executive Level Introduction to Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience – ONE DAY COURSE

Who is it for:
Senior leaders who are responsible for the operations of public sector critical infrastructure that supports national objectives and private sector executives charged with achieving resilience in their organizations.
Participants in this seminar will be exposed to the state-of-the-science processes, methodologies and tools taught on the Professional in Critical Infrastructure Protection Foundation (PCIP-F) course, endorsed by the Register of Security Engineers and Specialists (RSES).

How You Will Learn
This seminar is designed as an interactive experience for senior corporate leaders. Each seminar features a short presentation of the core subject matter followed by discussions of relevant case studies providing “real world” context to the presentation.
Participants are invited to pose their own unique protection or resilience challenges and gain insight as to what characteristics a suitable solution should have and what they should expect from service providers.

What You Will Learn
This seminar introduces systems thinking for protecting Critical Infrastructure and making what cannot be protected more resilient. The seminar is designed around four major themes with a view to providing participants with relevant benchmarks by which to discern effective protection and resilience planning products and services in the market place from the ineffective:
• A first principles approach to resilience planning for critical infrastructure in both private and public sector organizations;
• Critical infrastructure dimensions (Physical, Temporal, Human, Cyber) and the role of context;
• Dependency analysis, the pathways of exposure to risk, identifying cascades of failure, and the calculation of the whole cost of risk throughout both physical infrastructure and information systems; and
• Risk perception and the role of mental modelling techniques in stakeholder management and changing risk behaviours.
This seminar will examine the links between the resilience and the protection of the critical infrastructure and operations. Participants will be exposed to and discuss the state-of-the-science methods, techniques and tools for resilience and protection analysis such as advanced dependency analysis systems, geo-enabled risk analysis techniques, constructive simulations for complex site risk analysis, cyber resilience analysis tools, and mental modelling technology to enhance the protection and resilience of critical infrastructure during all four phases of emergency management. Participants will learn how these latest techniques and tools will help them make intelligent protection and resilience investments, achieving the right balance between Risk acceptance and risk mitigation for their unique considerations. It will also help them differentiate cost effective solutions from ineffective and potentially costly mistakes in the market place.

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