Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Asia

Dr. Koonton Yamploy

Dr. Koonton Yamploy

Director of Geotechnical and Transport Division

Department of Highways


Dr koonton works for the Bureau of Location and design, Department of Highways. The Department of highways is under the Ministry of Transportation. He has lead responsibility for the strategic policy and design direction for resilience of the highway and rail technologies sector. He is closely involved with highway design and transport planning. Dr Koonton has been worked for Office of Transportation and Traffic Policy and Planning, as Director of Mass Transit and Integrated Transport Information Center. He is a chartered Traffic and Transport Engineer and holds PhD, MBA and BSc degrees from Austria(Europe), AIT and Kasetsart University respectively.

“Security and Resilience on Highway Design: APEX Street”

From project of Greater Mekong Sub Region, GMS of 6 countries Thailand, Burma, Lao, Cambodia and Vietnam and China aim to promote trade of industry agriculture and service between member countries. The Route R9, East-West Economic Corridor:EWEC (1,450 kilometres) is one of obvious links of four countries. Some AEC products easily export to China, Hongkong, Taiwan and Japan by this highway.
The highway design of six countries are totally difference in Geometric design criteria. The problem such as severe accident should be solve not only infrastructure but also the concept of design. Asians countries have problem of quantity and quality of street such as insufficient traffic lane, mode of transport, pavement and street furniture, so this paper present the adapt of “complete street” which successful in United States and Canada to “Apex street” which appropriate to tradition of Asian travellers. In the near future, the Apex street may be raise to be Nation policy to make benefit for road safety, healthy and environment to the Asian people.