Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Asia

George Wheeler

George P. Wheeler Jr.
General Manager
International Crisis Room 360 (ICR360)

George Wheeler150

George Wheeler currently serves as the General Manager of International Crisis Room 360 (ICR360). In this role, George works closely with TAPA APAC and many other organizations to improve the collaboration and dissemination of intelligence, critical to helping Governments and private/public Company’s plan, prepare, and recover from a crisis. Additionally, George helps ICR360 provide leading edge command center services that systematically visualize “Big Data” by leveraging intelligence, technology, and physical operations. Having started his career in the U.S. Air Force, George now has over 27 years of experience in military, private, and corporate security. He has helped implement logistics security programs for many of the largest global pharmaceutical and high-tech electronics organizations to secure their supply chain assets in transit. These logistics security programs have been responsible for securing billions of dollars in global trade and have led to the recovery of over 13 high value shipments, which were stolen in transit.

Logistics & Supply Chain Security; Securing Critical Infrastructure, Transportation Sector