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Michael A. Piccalo

Mr. Michael A. Piccalo

Director of Industrial Security

Waterfall Security Solutions

United States


Michael Piccalo brings almost 25 years of experience to the industry focused on cyber security functions in a variety of organizations.  He began his career spending ten years in the United States Air Force with an additional 14 years in the private sector in organizations such as e-DMZ Security, Industrial Defender, Citigroup, and others providing consulting and other services to financial, government, and industrial clients.  This includes eight years managing a 24×7 outsourced Security Operations Center focused on large industrial control system networks.  Michael writes and speaks frequently on industrial control system cyber-security topics and holds a B. Sc. Degree in Information Technology from Peirce College as well as a CISSP accreditation.  Michael now serves as the Director of Industrial Security for Waterfall Security Solutions.

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