Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Asia

Offer Einav

Mr. Offer Einav
CIKR Senior Consultant [CIKR “(Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources”)] TAM-C Solutions


Offer Einav, is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts in the world in aviation security, counter-terrorism, homeland security, and public safety. Offer has been at the cutting edge in the design and develops TVRA a comprehensive security process methodology; enable the integration of CONOPS (Concept of Operation) with CONTECH (Concept of Technology and with SOPs (Security Operation Procedures) into ONE Unified Holistic Security System.

Following his 12- years of intensive career at the IDF elite force, Offer was pre-selected to join the ISRAEL national aviation security program, and ultimately, he was nominated as the Security Director at EL AL Airlines.

During his reach career, Offer was managed the development and the implementation of TOP innovative domestic and international security programs.

As an active partner in various European’s R&D programs, Offer involved in the development of advanced holistic security technology solution to counter the European 21st century threats.

Offer is highly sought-after speaker and source on aviation security, counter-terrorism, and homeland security, and he is often quoted in the USA, Europe, India and Israel press and media for his visionary, dynamic and “real world” approach.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment in Security Design

The term risk assessment is frequently used in the context of critical infrastructure protection (CIP). The definition continues to emerge within the evolving homeland security enterprise. The purpose of the lecture is to clarify the concept of comprehensive risk assessment in the context of CIP design. Although risk assessment is a mandatory process, CIP policy makers refer to risk assessment as a concept rather than required standard methodology. The CIP practitioner’s understanding of risk assessment is influenced through the clarification, introduction, and varied application of the concept. However, in the 21st century CIP context, risk assessment is the determination of qualitative value of threats and risks levels related to a concrete situation (scenarios). This holistic approach enable recognized a manmade threat poses by; terrorists, criminals, environmental activists, hackers, and disgruntled employees which are vital to design and deployed the needed security system Enabling a clear understanding of the concept of holistic risk assessment, one will be able to development: • an effective risk assessment methodology process in CIP, • integrate risk assessment while design the required security concept solution (RSCS) • introduction risk assessment into new and existing training programs, • And the application of risk assessment as an approach of the enterprise. In addition, other major concerns related to such will be addressed; • How risk assessment initiate proactive critical infrastructure protection programs and systems? • How OSINT based risk assessment enable to counter the 21st century emerging threats