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Ricardo Baretzky

Ricardo Baretzky
European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS)


Ricardo Baretzky is an internationally recognized subject matter expert on Global Policy and Security Matters.

Ricardo Baretzky is the current President of ECIPS (European Centre for Information Policy and Security) in the European Union, with its main statute based in the UK. In addition he serves as a Co – Directorate of CYBERPOL, the International Cyber-Security Organization (ICSO).

His qualifications consist of Business and Legal Studies, Government Economic Policy, Cyber Law whilst he is a Certified Counter Terrorism Expert by United Nations Peace Operations Training Institute COTIPSO.

During 2010 to 2013, Baretzky served as the Directorate of the South African Counter Intelligence Agency (SACIA) serving along with delegates from NATO, and advisor to members of the National Parliament of South Africa. In 2014 Ricardo Baretzky served as the Chairman for the first International African Counter Terrorism Summit held in London.

Highly referenced by several Governments as a Global Security Risk Analyst (GSRA) trained in the field of Counter Terrorism and Joint Intelligence Operations Capability (JIOC-I), Baretzky offers his certifications that includes CIMIC, MCTH, Conflict Analysis, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Cyber Terrorism and IT Network Assurance in public services.

Baretzky served as VP (Vice President) of Sowoon Technologies S a r l Switzerland from 2003 to 2009, a federal funded, Multi Million Euro R & D program of that include HORIZON 2020 EUCLOCK, FAMOS and FastMe programs.

His Institution and Capacity Building in complex -international multi-disciplinary structures and political – cultural work settings offers experience in Europe, Africa and Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, particularly (multi-disciplinary) institutional, organizational and operational development of Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Policy and the Rule of Law Services.

Baretzky advises international intelligence organizations, law-enforcement and military flag officers, and multi-national commercial enterprises with regard to their “Internal IT Security Governance” and external security policies.

As an Independent experienced Consultant- Evaluator / Assessor; ex-post/ex-ante, since 2003, his settings covered governmental, political, and operational sensitive settings including Africa, Pakistan, South East Asia, Korea, China and Russia.

Bartezky is a recognized expert member of the Council of Europe Octopus Cybercrime Community and the International Intelligence Community (IIC). When a Global Security threat, a European National Cyber Security (ENCS) or the protection of your Intellectual Property is in question from African and Asian threats, Baretzky is to be consulted.